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February 2022 : Miraflors Rosé

Domaine Lafage Miraflors Rosé

IGP Côtes Catalanes

The enormous growth in sales of Provence rosé has been one of the biggest success stories in 21st-century wine marketing. But the Languedoc-Roussillon, France’s largest rosé producer (with around 230 million bottles of pink a year to Provence’s 160 million), has had its own rosé revolution, cannily and subtly borrowing the marketing cues perfected further east along the Med (the variously shaped clear and frosted glass bottles, the perfumier’s fonts etc), and steadily gaining listings and market share.

And while the vast majority is very much in the paster-Provence mode, the quality (and quality to value ratio) can be outstanding, with Domaine Lafage’s graceful, mineral Sud de France Top 100-topping Miraflors a particularly stylish standout.